Huawei, Infosys China to co-work on IT and software talent development

MUMBAI: Huawei and Infosys China have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the fields of IT and software talent development at Huawei’s Global Training Center in Hangzhou.

Xu Chengxin, President of Learning Service Dept, Global Technical Services, Huawei, said in his speech during the signing ceremony, that the Learning Service Department has developed over 20 years of experience in the fields of technical talent development and managerial talent development since it was established in 1997. Huawei has also developed a strategy of cooperation with world famous enterprises.

The MoU between Huawei and Infosys means cooperation in the fields of ‘Software development technical training’, ‘Cloud computing technical training’, and ‘Agile and DevOps operations training’. The MoU will accelerate Huawei’s more agile and comprehensive response to the diverse needs of customers, and launch high-quality training services with global delivery capabilities.

Liu Hong, Global Vice President and President of China Region, Infosys, said, “Today`s MoU signing is not only the beginning of a strategic cooperation, but it also means the start of a colorful journey in IT and software talent development. I hope that the best technology, education and training in the world are brought through this strategic cooperation to make a real contribution to Huawei’s business development. Infosys has over 36-years of experience, and talent education is one of cornerstones of its success. In the future, successful knowledge from Infosys will be shared with Huawei to help Huawei make great strides in talent development for its global customers. The strategic cooperation will enrich both companies development of training services products and will also support their talent expansion requirements.”


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