Exotel has connected 93 million people

NEW DELHI: Bangalore-based cloud telephony company, Exotel has announced that the company has achieved a milestone by connecting 93 million people in FY 2015-16 which accounts for over 42% of the Indian smartphone user base. Exotel also connects three million calls on a daily basis and has enabled 1.6 billion calls since its inception.

This growth momentum further strengthens Exotel’s position as a leading cloud telephony service provider in India. Over the past year, Exotel has grown significantly as a company with their technology team doubling in size. They have a team of 100 employees working at their Bangalore office. Exotel’s technology expertise has been reaffirmed with the launch of Exotel Labs that reflects their vision to spur innovation in the voice space. They have also announced plans to expand in South East Asia with a foray into Singapore earlier this year with an initial investment of USD 10 million for the next two years.

The biggest business advantage clients see is improvement on their operational efficiency and using call intelligence to track business growth. Along with this, the customer privacy angle too has been an important factor for customer adoption.

Speaking on the expansion, Shivku, Co-founder and CEO, Exotel said, “We hope to continue this upward growth trend in the coming years by adding diverse clients to our portfolio. We see strong adoption growing among the marketplaces, job portals and food tech startups.”

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