The Best Ways to Increase Your Online Conversion Rate

A high conversion rate is a cornerstone of a high sales volume. As you’re more than likely aware, marketing can cost a considerable amount of money, which is why optimizing your conversions will ensure you receive a greater return on your investment. Here are the best ways to increase your online conversion rate.

  1. Skip the Jargon

Many marketers believe they need to use industry jargon to highlight their knowledge and experience, but all this might do is confuse a customer, and ostracize a brand from a prospective buyer. For example, a co-founder of a business asked 15 executives what “optimization” means only to receive seven different definitions of the word.

Don’t overcomplicate your business with fancy language and keep it simple. Never try to write for a company, as you must write for real people. If you simplify your language, you will provide consumers with clarity and confidence in your goods or services.

  1. Request an SEO Audit

Your online marketing tactics can make or break your website. The wrong keywords, call-to-actions, or page load can ultimately impact your bottom-line. Maximize your reach by regularly embarking on an SEO audit from Eventige, who can provide a complete assessment of your on-page and off-page positioning so that you can embark on the best development strategy for your business.

  1. Build Trust in Your Business

Consumers understand there are many unscrupulous websites online, which is why they might initially be skeptical of your site if they’re not familiar with your brand. You must, therefore, strive to build trust in your business, and there are fortunately many ways you can do so. For example, you can humanize your brand by posting employee photographs, bios, and office photos, which will make people realize they are buying products from people and not a business. You can also convey trustworthiness and credibility by promoting customer testimonials, articles about your brand in high-profile publications, and citations.

  1. Introduce Powerful Call to Actions on Every Page

Every page on your website must have a purpose and must encourage your users to perform the desired action, which could be telephoning your company, adding a product to a cart, or sending the business an email. Increase your conversion rate by incorporating strong call-to-actions onto every landing page, which will naturally let your readers know what you want them to do, such as clicking a button, filling in a form, buying a product, or reading your latest blog post.

  1. Dare to be Different with Your Offers

According to Search Engine Land, a common trait for top performing landing pages is their ability to provide unique offers in their industry. Rather than offering a deal, one which your competitors will also feature on their website, dare to be different, creative and interesting to increase your conversions considerably. Think outside the box, as a compelling offer could help set your company apart from its rivals and provide a substantial return on your investment – and you should also consider testing different options until you find the right one for your brand and bottom-line.

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