5G Revolution

5G is Set to Enable Network Requirements for Businesses and Consumer Services

In an exclusive interaction with Voice&Data, David Chang, Global Sales Director, Gionee, talks about role of 5G in digital transformation and how does Gionee plans to compete with its competitors. Excerpts:

Voice&Data: What role will 5G play in digital transformation?

David Chang:While India gears up to enter the 5G era, industry stakeholders have realized that MBB (Mobile Broadband) networks offers the platform for the upgrade and transformation of multiple aspects of across industries. To give a better perspective, digitalised information becomes valuable when it is connected. With the rise of IoT, increasing amount of data creation, high bandwidth, multiple connections, high reliability and low latency become the most basic requirements and 5G offers all of these. In a nutshell 5G is set to enable network requirements for businesses and consumer services and everything connected.          

Voice&Data: What are the expected trends one can expect in India?

David Chang: We strongly believe full view display is the way to go for devices that would be launched going forward. These can however can be a delight to use only as long as they are shaped by convenience as opposed to bling. Stylish enhancements are what make a phone genuinely stand out to the customers.  However, at Gionee India, our designs are backed by an impetus to cater to consumer inclinations with attractive appearances combined with driving advancements in technology.

Futhermore, we will be seeing the number of cameras go up this year to quad cameras. Two cameras on the front and two on the back will be a trend taking over the industry as smartphone videos and photography assume more significance with increasing innovation.

Voice&Data: How do you plan to compete with industry players?

David Chang: Battling competition is true for every industry however for us at Gionee India, the key to compete and lead is differentiation strategy. We have strengthened our after sales network and aim to increase our promoters from 15,000-50,000 to establish a strong connect with the customers. Also, our partners have been extremely supportive with respect to cost management. Hence our price point has always been competitive with other brands. With added focus on improving overall efficiency and by introducing products that upgrade the differentiating radar, we are positive about battling with competition in the Indian market.  

Voice&Data:What is your business plan for 2018?

David Chang: We anticipate that we have an interesting year ahead of us and are on our marks to set the ball rolling. Our patrons can expect a technology ace, either by the end of this month or the following month. Furthermore, we have around seven to eight products in the pipeline for this year. Adding to the insights we want to bring in intuitive products. Our focus is on mid-range devices (INR 8,000-15,000) and handsets that have great battery and camera. Furthermore we would like to say that this year our patrons can expect a lot of products with full-view display and screen innovation.  

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