#2GScam Verdict or Mockery of Judiciary Again?

The telecom industry’s biggest nightmare came in the form of 2G spectrum scam, when 122 2G licenses were cancelled by the Supreme Court, the then Telecom Minister A Raja was arrested for master minding Rs 1.75 lakh crore scam and the world looked upon 2G scam as another blot for the country.

But unfortunately, the 2G verdict has left the whole world baffling. Then Who? How? why? etc, are some of the questions the twitterati community is asking for. Twitter saw a gush of views on the #2GScamVerdict that basically talked about shoddy investigations, blind judiciary, amok criminals, among others.

One of the twitter users questioned: If there is no such 2G scam 1. Why SC cancelled all 122 telecom licenses allotted under 2G spectrum? Why SC ruled 85/122 licenses were outside eligibility criteria for allocation? Why SC said 122 licences were granted in arbitrary and unconstitutional manner?

The people of India showed their wrath in the platform, with one of the users commenting:”Through numerous massive government scams have been reported over the decades in India, accountability is always low and no one ever gets convicted. Are those in the system protecting the culprits?”

Krishna Mukherjee | voicendata

In fact, what is astonishing is that the alleged mastermind of this scam former telecom minister A Raja is saying that “I brought a revolution in the telecom sector. My actions were for the benefit of masses.”

So, again politics is cooking over the verdict. If there were no criminals what loss we were talking about? No doubt, the verdict has come as a farce and we were, we are and we will bear the brunt in the form of taxes.

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